GEM Realty Securities

A Differentiated, Dynamic Approach
to Public Market Investing

GEM Realty Securities leverages GEM’s proprietary data, relationships and people to identify original, out of consensus, liquid investment opportunities. Our team consists of seasoned portfolio management, research, and trading professionals with an extensive track record of opportunistically investing in a universe of more than 400 North American real estate securities.

Since 2000, we have actively managed our hedged strategy. In 2021, we added market-neutral and long-only strategies to our platform.

Our goal is to deliver strong long and short alpha generation at the stock and subsector levels in all market environments.

GRS has actively invested throughout economic cycles and capital market volatility. We are positioned to have significant market visibility and perspective, which we believe enables us to develop investment themes and refine investment strategies to best capitalize on growth, dislocations, and inefficiencies.

Our Investment Approach

Protect and Grow Capital Through Economic Cycles

Strive to deliver uncorrelated
returns with out-of-consensus idea
generation and market neutral
portfolio construction
Seek alpha, long and short, in any
market environment through
disciplined portfolio management
that actively adjusts to evolving
themes throughout economic cycles
Integrate with GEM’s platform,
utilizing bottom-up analysis
with the overlay of top-down
real estate trends and
key macro factors
Manage a tactical portfolio comprised of our highest
conviction ideas by regularly weighing existing positions
against an extensive pipeline of potential investments

Public Real Estate Universe